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012: Leore Spira - Using Your Intuition To Create Loyalty With Your Community Members

In this episode of the People Powered Community Podcast, host Leslie Greenwood interviews Leore Spira, Revenue Operations Specialist and Co-founder of The Optimizers Community, as she discusses her journey from lawyer to revenue operations leader and the power of community connections in the business world.

Listen in as they cover topics such as:

- How did Leore's experiences in the Israeli army and nonprofit sector shape her career path?

- What makes her identify with the Disney character Mulan, and how do loyalty, bravery, and truth play a role in her success?

- What drove Leore to found and grow an operations-focused community in Israel, and what are her plans for its expansion?

- How does the Japanese concept of Ikigai help Leore align her work and life?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this engaging conversation about effective communication, listening skills, networking, and business community-building.


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