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Making Connections: The Superpower of Heather Foeh

Welcome to our blog, where we bring you captivating conversations with innovative professionals making a significant impact in their industries and exploring their superpowers. We'll dive into customer marketing and community building with Heather Foeh, the Senior Director of Customer Marketing and Communities at 6sense.

The Power of Connections

Heather Foeh is a force to be reckoned with when connecting people. With a passion for bringing individuals together, she made a name for herself in the customer marketing industry by creating meaningful connections and building strong relationships.

Heather's journey started in demand gen marketing before she discovered the power of marketing automation. She joined Eloqua to lead customer success for SMB customers. It was in this role that she discovered her superpower - connecting people.

The Birth of Topliners

In 2010, Heather launched a community called Topliners for Eloqua's customers. This ground-breaking community enabled self-serve customers and helped scale Eloqua's customer marketing efforts. Topliners provided a platform for customers to connect with each other, share ideas, and exchange best practices. Through this community, she realized that her superpower of connecting people was instrumental in fostering engagement and driving customer success.

The Power of Customer Marketing and Communities

Customer marketing is a crucial practice that focuses on creating and implementing strategies to support customer adoption, increase engagement, and drive upselling and cross-selling opportunities. It includes events, webinars, nurture campaigns, and advocacy programs. On the other hand, communities provide a space for customers to connect with each other and the company, share knowledge, ask questions, and provide valuable feedback.

Companies like Sixth Sense and Oracle recognize the importance of customer marketing and communities. Heather continues to utilize her superpower to create connections and build relationships. She firmly believes that connecting and fostering collaborations are key to creating successful communities.

The Impact of Connections

Heather's superpower of connecting people extends beyond her professional life. Heather spends quality moments with her family in her free time and indulges in her passion for building Lego sets. lects her innate ability to connect pieces, whether connecting people or assembling intricate Lego creations. 


Heather's journey as a trailblazer in customer marketing and community building demonstrates the power of making connections. From her early days at Eloqua to her current role at Sixth Sense, she's harnessed her superpower to build strong relationships and create successful communities. Her story is an inspiration for aspiring customer marketers and community builders, reminding us of the importance of connections in our personal and professional lives.

Do you have any stories of how connections have impacted your life? Share them with us in the comments below!