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Harnessing Antifragility: A Personal Journey and Professional Success Story

Welcome to our blog, where we bring you captivating conversations with innovative professionals making a significant impact in their industries and exploring their superpowers. We recently chatted with Lorena Morales, the Global Director of Digital Marketing Revenue Operations at JLL, a publicly traded company with over 110,000 employees. Lorena is a true force to be reckoned with, and we can't wait to dive into her superpower, unique perspective on revenue growth and her personal journey.

Embracing Revenue Operations: From Startups to JLL

Lorena's incredible journey began almost twelve years ago when she left Mexico to pursue education in the US. She began her career by delving into the world of startups, helping them achieve impressive revenue growth from zero to $16 million. However, around five years ago, she made a bold transition into the field of revenue operations, a decision that has defined her career trajectory ever since. Joining one of the first consultancies in the field, Lorena played a pivotal role in opening up the category of revenue operations, working with esteemed clients such as Twilio, Coursera, and Plaid.

As a pioneer in revenue operations, Lorena has faced her fair share of challenges along the way. From dealing with managers who didn't fully grasp the methodology to breaking down silos within larger organizations like JLL, she has always maintained a strong belief in the value and power of revenue operations. Lorena is passionate about sharing her insights and educating others about the importance of this field. In fact, she currently leads the revenue operations team at JLL and actively works to spread awareness about the potential it holds for driving revenue growth.

Antifragility: Embracing the Broken Pieces

Lorena Morales possesses a unique superpower she calls "antifragility." Inspired by Nassim Taleb's book "Antifragile," she defines it as the ability to not just withstand stress and volatility, but actually benefit and grow from it. This superpower has allowed her to thrive in uncomfortable situations and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and evolution. Lorena's journey as an immigrant, a woman in leadership, a member of the LGBT community, and someone on the autism spectrum has shaped her perspective on resilience and strength.

Embracing Vulnerability and Building Communities

In our conversation with Lorena, we also touched upon the power of vulnerability and its impact on personal growth and community building. Despite being introverted, Lorena acknowledges the importance of community and the inspiration that can arise from sharing one's story. She believes in the strength of asking for help and actively seeks support from others. In her book, "Unleash Possible," Lorena explores how marketing can drive revenue growth, emphasizing the significance of aligning marketing with sales and measuring the impact of marketing efforts on revenue generation.

Nurturing Your Antifragility: Embracing Self-Reflection

Lorena Morales encourages readers to nurture their own antifragility by spending time alone, engaging in activities they enjoy, and allowing themselves to be bored. Creativity often blooms in moments of stillness and contemplation. Recognizing and embracing one's unique brand of antifragility is crucial for personal and professional growth. In the corporate world, nurturing antifragility can lead to adapting to change, finding opportunities within challenges, and cultivating more empathetic and patient relationships with colleagues.

Conclusion: Embrace the Broken, Thrive and Evolve

As we wrap up our conversation with the remarkable Lorena Morales, it's clear that her journey has been shaped by embracing the broken pieces and using them as stepping stones to become stronger and better. Her experience as a revenue operations leader, her unique perspective on antifragility, and her unwavering belief in the power of vulnerability and community-building are all invaluable lessons we can apply in our own lives and careers. Lorena's story reminds us to keep pushing boundaries, nurturing our own antifragility, and seizing opportunities for growth and evolution.

Stay tuned for more captivating conversations with inspiring individuals shaping the future and driving change in their communities. Remember, it's the power of people that propels us forward.